Designer Anh Thu – Passion on Ao Dai

On the occasion of the 1,000th anniversity of Thang Long – Ha Noi, Ngan An Fashion Company had introduced 600 Ao Dai in two big events: Ao Dai Festival in The Fanciful Night of Sword Lake on October 1 and Thang Long-The Flying Dragon City at My Dinh National Stadium on October 10.

Implementing this goal to contribute into the anniversity’s success, Designer Anh Thu, CEO of Ngan An Fashion Company had worked by all love and wholeheartedness. She is the first daughter of Ngan An, the famous Ao Dai Designer in the North, Anh Thu has been following her mother’s passion and love for Ao Dai to maintain, respect and introduce the beauty of the Vietnamese Ao Dai.

Ngan An Ao Dai is a well-known brand in Ha Noi in particular and foreign countries in general, but a few people know exactly when did this brand begin?

Ngan An Fashion Company was officially established in October of 1993. This is a significant landmark and it marks the important development step of Ngan An. Because then all other fashion brands in Ha Noi operated as tailor’s shops. And Ngan An is the first private company in fashion field.  

Leading like that, Ngan An must have faced more difficulties, right?

Since Ngan An was established, we have learnt from business models in foreign countries. We dared to rent the 200-meter area to build fashion showroom. Nowadays, it may be normal but it was a great decision in 1995. The question was how would the company operate well to ensure staff’s life and pay for renting land which seemed to be a big amount? Finally, we have overcome all difficulties to exist and develop as a famous Ngan An as present.

Ngan An has developed for 17 years to become a pretigious AoDai brand in nation and it has been well-known in some other countries. Could you mention some significant achievements of Ngan An?

Ngan An Fashion is not only well-known in Vietnam, it also has chosen to introduce and performed in some conferences such as: the Summit French Language, Language International Conference, participating national dress of Vietnam in the program “Hello Vietnam” by fashion designer Kansai (Japan), etc.

According to you, what is the basis of Ngan An Fashion’s success as present?

Always making customers satisfied. It is the ways to build the prestige and maintain the brand. We have prestige and brand, we can attract customers. Ngan  an  ao  dai has been introduced by NHK channel many times and it has been also invited to perform making  ao  dai and some costumes of 54 Vietnamese ethnic minority  groups in  osaka by big groups  like: TakaSimaYa, HanShin – Ngan  an  ao  dai was honored to be introduced in the program “the Vietnamese  ao  dai Fashion” to  Germany,  Japan, Switzerland, Sweden and Laos, etc.